Dedicated to The Flower Of Life, the universal geometric expression of Life itself!

True FOL

Recognized by other titles, across many different cultures and belief systems: 64 Tetrahedron, Seed Of Life, Egg Of Life, Fruit Of Life, Tree Of Life, Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, I Ching, xiù qiú (ball under Chinese guardian lions paw), Metatrons Cube, Star Of David, Tube Taurus, Dual Taurus Dynamic, Biological Cell (before it mutates) and many more since this has been around as long as…..! This page is not only dedicated to highlighting one of the most important aspects of life, the piece that permeates LIFE itself, but is a testament to Mr Innovative’s progressive, transparent structure. We open ourselves to you, so that you can open up to us in order to create a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

 All Credit to the creator Jordan Duchnycz, and his webisode!

(This is an amazing overview and great introduction to this ancient connection we all have. We recommend these books and material suggested in the video!)

Our intentions are to share this with you so that we all can benefit and experience new aspects of existence. We invite you to explore this geometry and see for yourself how it will impact your life!

I remember the moment I became conscious of the pattern not to mention its many meanings and connections that still eluded my perception. I held no conscious significance or recollection to this pattern, until I experienced it directly within my own being; this experience was verified and shared with someone very close to me. That was the spark that ignited an exploration deeper into the self and how all of life is connected to this shape and what it meant. Our understanding has expanded and continues to morph, guiding us through life in an, empathetic, loving, understanding, healthy, wealthy, abundant and positive experience. We have utilized this understanding in order to become a part of the continuity life creates, incorporating it into all areas of our life.

Mahalo for reading and connecting!