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Source, Seed of Life, Sacred Geometry & Flower of Life!


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Core Strengths & Values:


Strive to expand our knowledge base, by strategically advancing our skills.


Maintaining an open door policy, internally and externally breeds change, change is good.


Realizing how little we know, enables our team to create & innovate from a pure place.


Maintaining past, current & new connections creates stability and brings clarity.

Our vision of assisting individuals & companies in the growth process of success is our life mission!

We are a creative think tank, that has utilized our artistic skill set’s in order to produce innovative applications for clients. Our values are sourced from basic intrinsic aspects of life, that enable our group to produce unique, original ideas and not only stay ahead of the trends, but create them. We live and survive in life’s fringe! Our dedication to bringing about the most innovative ideas, inventions, and processes runs deep to our souls. We believe in the endless potential and abilities within each and everyone!

Mahalo for taking the time to explore who we are.

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