DJI Phantom 3 half

DJI is one of the most progressive drone manufacturers in the market, and has been since day one! Their newest product to the market is the DJI Phantom 3! They have released two versions, the high end advanced user version – Phantom 3 Professional and the basic version with limited features – Phantom 3 Advanced. They are almost identical, with the exception of the Professionals 4K camera and its intelligent flight battery charger. For more details, check out the hard specification here, Phantom 3 specs. Why are we talking about this innovative product? This is not just another impressive piece of technology, this is one of those rare pieces of “gateway technology”! The applications are endless and the possibilities are near infinite to the entrepreneurial mind. With a little bit of your time and $1,000 for a Phantom 3, your are now in business!


I am sure after watching these video’s, you are as excited as I am! You probably have a million ideas running through your mind. Don’t limit yourself, with a little bit of marketing and the skills to become an advanced user, you can corner your geographic territory. If you have a passion for the outdoors, art, architecture, sports, photography, food, to name a very few, let this piece of technology take your passion to another level! Utilize this advancement to empower your goals and dreams with a truly unique and innovative edge that most of the world is just now experiencing. Now is the time, don’t wait!

DJI Phantom 3

Just to give you a quick taste of the impressive features packed in this small drone:

  • 4K or 1080P HD video with the ability to take 12MP photos
  • Live 720P HD streaming video, with a distance of 1.2 miles
  • A Phantom 3 remote controller with easy, intuitive controls & customizable buttons
  • An impressive “geofence” safety feature, preventing unwanted collisions
  • Powerful DJI mobile app: flight log, flight simulator, live streaming, video editing, live maps and SDK open architecture
  • GPS and Vision Positioning, which utilizes visual & ultrasonic sensors
  • Easy to fly features: Auto-takoff, Auto-return home & a low battery fail safe
  • An unparalleled easy to use flight system

If you would like to check out some more showcase or instructional videos, click here Phantom 3 Videos!

DJI Phantom 3 half silver